Living with the Honors Program

Georgia Tech Honors Program students consistently rate the opportunity to live together as one of the best features of the Honors Program. Honors Program students are diverse in many ways—including majors, interests, career aspirations, backgrounds, experiences—generating many opportunities to learn from and collaborate with one another. And those opportunities are easy to find and pursue, thanks to the ways in which Honors Program students are alike: highly motivated, curious, creative, connected to community, and willing and able to cross disciplinary boundaries and move from theory to practice.

Students who participate in the Honors Program LLC are required to live in HP housing in Eighth Street Apartments for their first year (first semester only for spring transfer students).  

After the first year, rising second year students have the option of living in Honors Program housing or off-campus (refer to the acceptance agreement for first-year students).  All other upper-year students (including those who were admitted as transfer students) are offered housing on a first come, first served basis.  We are able to accommodate many–but not all–upper-year students who would like to live in HP housing, but it is not required beyond the first year.  

For everything you need to know about HP housing (how to apply, finding a roommate, costs, and FAQs), visit the housing section of our website.  

Eighth Street Apartments


Eighth Street Apartments

Want to learn more about the Eighth Street Apartments?  Check out this video created by HP students!