Honors Program Requirements

Honors Program students must complete a minimum of 15 credits of Honors Program coursework during their undergraduate studies at Georgia Tech to achieve the distinction of "Completion of the Honors Program" or 9 - 14 hour to achieve the distinction of "Participation in the Honors Program."

Typically, first-year students enroll in two or more Honors Program classes, and upper-level students enroll in one or more Honors Program classes (or VIP or PURA research courses or HP-authorized research or study abroad courses) per year.

Below is information on the types of classes that you can apply to the Honors Program curriculum requirement and details about how HP credit fits with degree requirements.

Information on HP Coursework

Types of Recognition

Honors Program Pathways

Students have the option of earning distinction in on or more curriculum pathways, including Global Engagement, Research, and Service.  Read more about the HP Pathways. 

These three Pathways transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries; cannot be pursued in an existing major, minor, or certificate program; capture fields of passionate interest by many HP students; and advance the Georgia Tech motto, “Progress and Service,” and the goals and objectives of Georgia Tech’s Strategic Plan.