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  • Apr 16

    Honors Program Expo

    An open look at the GT Honors Program and the wonderful work of our students.

  • Mar 11

    Karlovitz Lecture Series 2015 with Dr. Geoffrey West

    The GT Honors Program and the College of Sciences welcomes Dr. Geoffrey West, from the Santa Fe Institute and Los Alamos National Laboratory as our Karlovitz Lecture speaker for 2015.  Dr. West will be presenting based on his research with the Santa Fe Institute which seeks to quantitatively describe the formation, characteristics and dynamics of cities as a human construct and how they follow laws that seemingly mirror organism. An abstract for this lecture can be seen below.


    Why do all companies and people die whereas cities keep growing and life continues to accelerate? Why do we stop growing, live of order 100 years and sleep 8 hours a day? And how are these related to innovation, wealth creation, social networks, urbanisation and global sustainability? Cities are the prime source of crime, pollution, disease, global warming, and energy and resource consumption but are also the hubs of innovation, wealth creation and power. Despite being our greatest challenge, there is no integrated, quantitative, predictive science-based framework for understanding their dynamics, growth and organization. Ideas for such a unified theory, inspired by a network-based framework for understanding diverse properties of organisms (including metabolism, growth, mortality, cancer) will be discussed. Like organisms, many characteristics of cities worldwide, including wages, patents, diversity, crime, disease and infrastructure, scale systematically and predictably with size, suggesting universal principles underlying their dynamics that transcend history, geography and culture. This has dramatic implications for growth, development and long-term global sustainability. 

  • Mar 10

    CANCELLED: Honors Program Course Roll Out

    The faculty teaching next fall's special topics classes will be coming to present the premise of their classes. There will be free food, a chance to get credit for attending an Honor's Program event, and an opportunity to ask questions of the professors.