Honors Program Residence Halls

Does the Honors Program offer gender-inclusive housing?

Absolutely!  The Honors Program is an inclusive community and we welcome students of all gender identities and sexual orientations.  To read more about gender-inclusive housing and to opt-in to the program, visit the Housing and Residence Life website


Is HP housing guaranteed?

We require that all entering HP students live in the Honors Program residence hall during their first year (or first semester, for spring transfer students).  

After the first year, it is not required for students to live in HP housing.  We try to accommodate as many of the upper-year HP students as possible, but it is not guaranteed.  Upper-year housing is available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Over the past several years, all Honors Program students who have wanted to continue to live in HP housing have been able to secure a slot and we hope to continue that in the future, but it is not guaranteed past the first year requirement.

Is there indoor HP common spaces in Eighth St. for socializing and studying?

Yes, there is a lounge space in the HP staff offices. All HP students, whether or not resident in Eighth St., have 24/7 access to this space. In addition, there are numerous study spaces in Eighth St. East & South. All HP students who are resident in Eighth St. will have 24/7 access to these spaces. These include two large study rooms and several smaller study rooms, equipped with white boards.

Where are HP classes, events, activities, and HLC meetings held?

Some classes, events, and activities are scheduled in LLC West Commons, across the street from the Eighth Street Apartments (875 8th St.). Others will be scheduled elsewhere on campus. HLC meetings will be scheduled in LLC West Commons, with Buzzcard access to secure storage space for work product. An additional workspace for HP staff, HLC members, and HP student assistants is available adjacent to the HP staff offices and lounge.

Can I meet with HP staff members onsite in the residence hall?

Yes, our HP staff office suite and lounge is located in the annex to the Eighth Street West apartments.  You can stop by anytime to meet with HP staff or hang out in the lounge area.

Is there outdoor HP common spaces in Eighth St. for socializing and studying?

Yes, there are spacious—and lovely—courtyards for every-day studying and socializing and for outdoor HP events and activities. Take a walk through the Eighth St. courtyard spaces and check them out. 

Do upper-class HP students and first-year HP students live together in Eighth St. apartments?

No. Upper-class HP students live in Eighth St. apartments with other upper-class HP students. First-year HP students live in Eighth St. apartments with other first-year HP students. Upper-class HP apartments and first-year HP apartments will be located on all floors in Eighth St. East & South, but upper-class and first-year HP students will not live together in any of the apartments. 


What are the apartments like and what other amenities are available at Eighth St.?

Check out text and photos for: 

Eighth St. East: https://housing.gatech.edu/building/eighth-street-east 

Eighth St. South: https://housing.gatech.edu/building/eighth-street-south 


I'm interested in earning Distinction in a Pathway while participating in the Honors Program. How do I achieve this?

There are three curriculum Pathways that Honors Program students can pursue during their undergraduate studies: ServiceGlobal Engagement, and Research.  All three Pathways require six credit hours of coursework, with a minimum grade of a B for the class to count.  The six credit hours may also be applied to the 15 credit hours required for completion of the Honors Program--they are not in addition to the 15 hour curriculum requirement.

The Honors Program recognizes students who earn Distinction in a Pathway by including an Honors Program Pathway Distinction insignia on the right-hand side of the Honors Program graduation stole, and notation of the award for one or more Pathways on the framed HP "Certificate of Completion."   You can read more about the Pathways at hp.gatech.edu/honors-program-pathways

What are the requirements for completing the Honors Program? What if I can't earn all the credit hours that are required?

HP students must complete a minimum of 15 credits of qualified HP coursework prior to graduation to earn the distinction of “Completion of the Honors Program."  Students who do not achieve the status of "Completion of the Honors Program" but, instead, complete 9 to 14 credits of Honors Program coursework during their matriculation at Georgia Tech earn the distinction of "Participation in the Honors Program."  You can read more about this here.  

Where can I find information on the Honors Program classes currently being offered?

The Honors Program classes for the current fall or spring semester are available at hp.gatech.edu/courses.  This website also includes a link to the HP Class Guide, with detailed information on every class and a biography of the professors teaching them.

If the Honors Program emphasizes smaller, inquiry-driven classes based on discovery rather than lecture, won't that be harder than other classes? Will I have more work than other students? Will my GPA suffer?

Georgia Tech prides itself on offering a very rigorous and challenging curriculum to all students, whether in the Honors Program or not. Honors Program classes will not necessarily involve exceptional amounts of work or have more stringent grading standards. They will, however, emphasize a classroom environment that encourages students to be fully engaged as active participants in the learning process.


I'm a transfer student who is new to the Honors Program. Can I count previous coursework towards HP credit?

If you were a member of an honors program or college at your original university and took honors classes, you're eligible to have up to six (6) credit hours of honors classes applied to the Georgia Tech Honors Program curriculum requirement.  If you participated in individual undergraduate faculty-mentored research at your original university, you're eligible to have up to three (3) credits hours of research applied to the Georgia Tech Honors Program curriculum requirement. You can read more about it here.  

Does the Honors Program accept AP and IB credit and allow students to graduate on time and early if possible?

The Georgia Tech Honors Program is not a separate college. We are a Department under the Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education and a program for the academic and social enrichment of our students. Although we have curriculum requirements, we do not have control over what credits our students can transfer. These decisions are made by the University System of Georgia, the Institution, and the student's College and Degree Program.  You can refer to the Georgia Tech catalog for more information on how AP and IB credit transfer to Georgia Tech.

The majority of our students graduate within four years, and many of our students find they can take on a second major or multiple minors or certificates and are able to graduate on time with the proper planning. Most people are able to complete their HP course requirements as well. Roughly 75% of the student admitted into the Honors Program graduate as members of the Honors Program.

What are the criteria used for admission into the Honors Program?

Please read about our selection process here.

Is an extra fee charged to students in the Honors Program?

Yes, there is an extra fee of $800 for first-year Honors Program students and an extra fee of $500 for first-year transfer students.  There is no extra Honors Program fee after the first year of HP participation. The Honors Program fee is charged to students at the beginning of fall semester ($400 for first-years, $250 for transfers) and at the beginning of spring semester ($400 for first-years, $250 for transfers).

How and when will I know if I've been selected for the Honors Program?

The Honors Program typically begins sending invitations in April. Find more information and any updates here.

Will I have to submit something in addition to the standard Georgia Tech application?

There is an additional application for the Georgia Tech Honors Program. You can read about the application process here.