Honors Program Curriculum


Honors Program students must complete a minimum of 15 credits of Honors Program coursework during their undergraduate studies at Georgia Tech to complete the Program.  Typically, first-year students enroll in two or more Honors Program classes, and upper-level students enroll in one or more Honors Program classes (or VIP or PURA research courses or HP-authorized research or study abroad courses) per year.

Georgia Tech includes recognition for “Completion of Honors Program” on the Georgia Tech final transcript for those students who complete 15 or more Honors Program credits by graduation.  Students who earn the additional designation of Distinction in a Pathway (Global Engagement, Research, or Service) will also have that noted on the transcript.  In addition, those who complete 15 or more HP credits receive an Honors Program medal of participation (worn at graduation), Honors Program pin, and Honors Program graduation stole with the official Georgia Tech Honors Program insignia on the left-hand side, to be worn at graduation.  Students who receive Distinction in a Pathway will receive a special stole that reflects this additional honor.

Students who do not achieve the status of "Completion of the Honors Program" but, instead, complete 9 to 14 credits of Honors Program coursework over the course of their matriculation at Georgia Tech receive an Honors Program “Certificate of Participation,” Honors Program medal of participation (worn at graduation), and an Honors Program pin.

For more details on the Honors Program Curriculum, including recognition for "Completion of the Honors Program" and "HP Distinction in a Pathway," visit hp.gatech.edu/curriculum/details.


Many HP classes satisfy Georgia Tech core curriculum requirements. Other HP classes may satisfy elective requirements. Please be sure to consult with your major advisor about your core curriculum and other elective requirements.


There are three curriculum Pathways that Honors Program students can pursue during their undergraduate studies. The Pathways are as follows: Service, Global Engagement, and Research. The Honors Program recognizes students who earn Distinction in a Pathway by including an Honors Program Pathway Distinction insignia on the right-hand side of the Honors Program graduation stole, and by issuance of an Honors Program Certificate for Distinction in a Pathway. Students can earn distinction in more than one Pathway.