Student Challenge Fund

The Honors Program Student Challenge Fund

is geared towards encouraging students to consider

service-oriented alternative fall/winter/spring break experiences


Several rules apply to each:

·        A maximum of $500 per student involved in the activity may be requested

·       Proposals must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the event

           (one month in advance strongly advised).

·        You must keep track of your expenses with itemized receipts that match your itemized budget request in order to be reimbursed 


Please click on the links for more information about examples of eligible trips. These examples should help you choose or design your own trip for submission.  If you are interested in participating any of them, you should apply to the programs themselves.  After being accepted to join one of the alternative spring break programs shown below, you can then *submit a proposal to be reimbursed for travel funds from the Honors Program. These grants will fund actual travel costs only, in reimbursement form.


GT Lead & Engage:

GT Trailblazers (though options for spring break not yet listed):

GT Foundation for the International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC):

GT Habitat for Humanity:


Others:  Service trips with other secular organizations (or of your own design) may be considered.  Please contact Dr. Monica Halka to discuss.


Click link below for HP proposal form.