LMC 3308: Environmentalism and Ecocriticism

Fall 2018
Fall 2017
Credit Hours: 
Dr. Hugh Crawford
HP juniors and seniors only; non-LMC and non-Computational Media majors only Note 1: HP students who are LMC or Computational Media majors must register for LMC 4100; these students will receive HP credit for LMC 4100 if at least 2 HP students register for LMC 3308 HP. Note 2: This is a special opportunity for 5 HP juniors or seniors to join a small, hands-on seminar with a legendary Georgia Tech professor. The advent of the Anthropocene--the geological era characterized by impact of humans on the geology of our planet--brings with it a recalibration of human's relationship with the natural world. In recent decades, scholars working in the fields known as Animal Studies and, more recently, Plant Studies have been grappling with that relationship. This seminar will look at some of the important figures in both fields (Donna Haraway, Cary Wolfe, Jacques Derrida etc. in Animal Studies; Antony Trewavas, Peter Wollheben, Michael Marder etc. in Plant Studies) along with some associated literature including William Faulkner. Conducted as a seminar, students will lead discussion and will work together to formulate the terms for the seminar projects, though an element of that project will be making, in conjunction with Trees Atlanta, a modern xylotheque (http://www.amusingplanet.com/2017/05/xylotheque-wood-library.html).