Events and Programs

Below are some of the events and programs you can expect from the Honors Program each year.


Honors Program Retreat

This overnight event for first-year Honors Program members allows incoming freshmen to meet faculty and staff, discover opportunities in the Honors Program, and celebrate the beginning of their first semester at Tech with fellow Honors Program members. 

Karlovitz Lecture Series

Each year around the middle of spring semester, the Honors Program and the College of Sciences co-host this special event.  The Karlovitz Lecture is named in honor of Les Karlovitz, the former director of the School of Mathematics who was dean of the College of Science and Liberal Studies beginning in 1983.  Karlovitz left Georgia Tech in 1989 and died in 1990. His widow, Julie Karlovitz, established the seminars in his memory.

Seeking to broaden intellectual discourse on campus, the series focuses on speakers whose work has led them to stretch across disciplinary boundaries. We offer our students the opportunity to get to know a speaker’s work beforehand—either within their special topic courses or in a reading/discussion group, attend the public lecture, and then meet the speaker via a classroom visit or in a small question and answer session.  Our students have expressed their appreciation for the speaker series and their desire to see it expanded to include philosophers, artists, and other scholars from disciplines that are underrepresented on campus. 

Honors Program Expo

At the end of April each academic year, students celebrate their Honors Program experience with the rest of the campus.  The Expo is a collection of presentations, interactive projects, and posters from our students, displaying projects both academic and artistic, undertaken inside the classroom and out through their membership in the Georgia Tech Honors Program.


Meditation, Mindfulness and Mental Acuity

Preventive healthcare is not just about taking vitaminsm, exercising, and annual check ups; there are mental activities and tricks that prevent the onset of anxiety disorders and depression. The Honors Program wishes to see all our  students succeed both academically and in well-being. We have invited speakers to talk about the arts of mindfulness and meditation and to lead practice sessions, in order for our students to learn how to slow the pace of their mind and find less stress and anxiety in their thought processes.

Honors Program Triple Leaders

This is an opportunity for both upperclassmen and freshmen. Upperclassmen can make a little money and rack up some volunteer hours being a part of organizing various social and cultural events, and the freshmen will be able to enjoy the fruits of those labors.